Hao Wooi Lim

Computer Vision researcher / web developer / web designer

About me


I graduated as an Computer Engineer and is currently doing a master in Computer Science but more on that later. I started doing programming when I was 13 and has been doing it more or less ever since.

My current passion is in generic object classification which is what my on-going master is all about.

I do web development (node.js, PHP, JavaScript) and web design (Who doesn't like art?) for fun. It's what I do when I'm too stressed out on my AI work.


7 Google Code Jam 2009
Reached Round 1C with a world wide rank of 1800th.
(link to statistics: http://www.go-hero.net/jam/09/name/zybler)
6 Bitwise 2009 Online Algorithm Programming Contest
Placed 33rd amon 2700 teams from around the world.
5 Microsoft Imagine Cup 2008 - Software Design
Project: Intelligent recycle bin management system
Placed 2nd among 5 teams in the national final.
4 Bitwise 2008 Online Algorithm Programming Contest
Placed 24th among 2911 teams from around the world.
3 PanaGEEK programming competition 2007
Top 20 in national first round, 3rd prize in final.
2 Microsoft Imagine Cup 2005 - IT category
Achieved a semi-finalist finish.
1 Developer Generation-X 2001
Project: Auction site written in ASP (VBScript)
Placed 2nd in national first round, consolation prize among 15 in final.


5 H. W. Lim and Y. H. Tay
Visual Objects Classification with Sliding Spatial Pyramid Matching,
ARXIV, 2012.
4 H. W. Lim and Y. H. Tay
Detection of License Plate Characters in Natural Scene with MSER and SIFT unigram Classifier,
IEEE Conference on Sustainable Utilization and Development in Engineering and Technology 2010 (STUDENT'10), 2010.
3 H. W. Lim and Y. H. Tay
Vehicle License Plate Detection using Unigram Model and Difference-of-SURF Bigram Model with SVM,
Symposium on Progress in Information and Communication Technology 2009 (SPICT'09), 2009.
2 W. T. Ho, H. W. Lim and Y. H. Tay
Two-stage License Plate Detection using Gentle Adaboost and SIFT-SVM,
Intelligent Information and Database Systems (ACIIDS'09), 2009. Acceptance rate: (30%)
1 H. W. Lim and Y. H. Tay
Fast Adaptive Graph-based Segmentation with application in Vehicle License Plate Detection,
5th International Symposium on Neural Networks (ISNN'08), 2008. Acceptance rate: 192/522 (36.7%)

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Last updated: 30th June 2011.